Green Energy Farming Operation

Ozark All Seasons Farm Products

Ozark All Seasons’ products are produced year-round in climate-controlled greenhouses in NW Arkansas.  These state-of-the–art, green energy greenhouses utilize geothermal and solar technologies to warm and cool the air as well as the nutrient water for the crops, enabling production all year long with a minimal carbon footprint.  Ozark All Seasons also uses a unique hydroponic vegetable production system, combining organic and inorganic fertilizers.  And the result is delicious! This allows us to use the efficiencies of hydroponics (low water use, low nutrient use, high plant densities, rapid growth, indoor pest protection, etc.) to produce fresh,  clean salad greens close to the local NW Arkansas market.  Our food doesn’t travel – it is produced and consumed locally at the peak of freshness, and keeps money in the local economy.  The marriage of the energy-efficient greenhouse and sustainable hydroponics has led to a wonderful opportunity for the chefs and salad lovers of the region to enjoy lettuce, herbs, salad greens, and microgreens like they never have before.

All Local   Pesticide Free   All Year Long


Ozark All Seasons grows the very latest in lettuce varieties, the new multi-leaf types that are easy to prepare, with turgid, delicious small leaves, but from a mature plant.  Older but smaller leaves from mature plants ensure peak flavor, and are never too thin or fragile.   These heads also leaf out with one cut of the stem, leaving many small, crunchy leaves with a much longer shelf life than baby lettuces of the past.  

We must change varieties seasonally, but we will normally produce a twice-weekly harvest of the following seven types of fancy lettuce:  red and green butterhead (bibb), red and green oakleaf,  red and green sweet crisp, and a special large-leaf butterhead for those who prefer that over the multi-leaf types. We do not grow iceberg lettuce, and baby romaine is available only upon custom order.

Green Bibb Red Bibb Green Oakleaf Red Oakleaf

Green Sweet Crisp Red Sweet Crisp Large-leaf Butter Bibb
All varieties may be purchased as single heads in a clamshell, a case of 12 clamshells, or as bulk heads in a case of 18 heads, either one variety or your own custom mix. 

Lettuce Spring Mix

The same six multi-leaf varieties described above make up our lettuce spring mix, a delicious, nutritious, and downright beautiful salad combination.  Color, texture, and taste vary within these attractive and crunchy leaves, which will stand up to any salad dressing or heaping of extra ingredients. This lettuce is picked hours before you buy it, not days or weeks. When it comes to greens, freshness is everything, and OAS produce is as fresh as you can buy.  To enhance our basic spring mix, add fresh arugula, kale, microgreens, or whatever favorite salad additions you like.  If you wish to feature a type of lettuce without all the mix, simply purchase the individual heads and with one cut you will have a multi-leaf salad of your own creation!

Lettuce mix comes in a 5 oz ziplock bag for retail or bulk in a 3-lb. plastic tote.

Go Greens!

Our premium salad mix contains seasonal blends of lettuce, salad greens, and microgreens.  It is our aim to provide our clients with a salad mix of unsurpassed quality and freshness, not just for the region, but as judged on any level.  Indeed, many of the finest restaurants in the world’s largest cities do not have access to a product of this quality.  Our six lettuce varieties are blended with delicious and nutritious salad greens, such as mustard, kale, tatsoi, arugula, chard, etc., then sprinkled with a shower of blended microgreens.  The results are beautiful and super tasty!

Our Go Greens! product is offered in a 5 oz ziplock bag for retail and bulk in a 3-lb. plastic tote.


Sweet Genovese basil.  Each sleeve of live basil contains about five stems and has an extended shelf life as long as the roots remain moist and the plant remains at room temperature. Available in a sleeve as a live plant for retail, trays of 24 bunches of live plants bulk, or freshly cut and boxed without roots.  We also grow a limited quantity of Thai and lemon basil – available on request.


Our peppery arugula is available live in a sleeve, in a tray of 24 live plants, or freshly cut and bagged.  A very nutritious green with an almost addictive flavor, you must try this not only on salads, but as a fragrant flavor for meats, stews, and soups. 


It seems that almost every month a new health article comes out extolling the virtues of kale.  Now king of the leafy greens, the nutritional value of kale is unparalleled and is considered a must for juicers and salad lovers alike. We grow the most desired of the kale types - Lacinato or black kale.  No giant leaves in our sleeves – we harvest the plants young, when the leaves are still tender enough to eat raw. 


Second only to sprouts as a nutritional source in the plant world, these 7-16 day old plants are the ultimate in salad and garnish greens.  Packed with the taste of adult plants but with the crunch of a sprout, a dollop of microgreens on your salad, sandwich, or other dish adds a shot of super nutrition to your meal.

Available in 4 or 8-oz clamshells or as a flat of live, growing plants.

Microgreen mixes:

Basic Salad Mix Spicy Salad Mix Asian Mix

Colorful and tasty mix. The spiciest tasting greens Flavors from the Far East

Individual Microgreens:

Basil -    Intense Italian basil flavor, beautiful as a garnish. Arugula - Our most popular microgreen – peppery flavor. Mustard - Tangy mustard flavor from Asia in red and green colors. Tatsoi - Popular Asian green – nutritious and tangy.  Red Cabbage - Cabbage flavor in green and purple shoot.  Garnet Amaranth - Our flashiest microgreen – bright red and tasty.  Kale - Nutrition-packed kale shoot with a purple stem. Bulls Blood Beet - Beautiful microgreen with beet flavor  Purple Kohlrabi -  Earthy like chard, good-looking stems.

Many other microgreens are also available upon request, such as pac choi, cilantro, onion, radish, mizuna, mibuna, komatsuna, sunflower shoots, field pea shoots, and blanched corn shoots. Custom microgreen blends are also available. For example, the Asian mix contains a blend of tatsoi, pac choi, komatsuna, mizuna, mibuna, amaranth, and Asian mustard and is a dynamite combination for Asian salads, lettuce wraps and sushi.
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