Green Energy Farming Operation
Welcome to Ozark All Seasons Farm,

Northwest Arkansas’ new green energy farming operation.

The new geothermal/solar greenhouse is able to produce fresh lettuce, salad greens, and microgreens all year long in a fully insulated structure that has an extremely low carbon footprint.
The highly intensive hydroponic system uses a fraction of the water and fertilizer as field-grown greens, with no run-off. A combination of organic and inorganic nutrients are blended for taste and environmental sustainability. The plants are clean, healthy, free of soil-borne diseases, and nutrient dense. No pesticides are used – just beneficial organisms when needed.
Produced just miles from your local grocery store, our products are the freshest possible, yielding maximum taste and nutrition. Locally-produced also means a minimum of fossil fuels are used in harvesting, packaging, cooling, and transportation. Support your local economy and choose the freshest, most earth-friendly produce available.

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